Custom Integrations

Integrate your CRM, API, ESP, MLS and more.

Modern websites can consist of one page or dozens of pages. However, creating a content-rich website is no longer enough to become successful. It is hard to imagine a website without a newsletter subscription form, online payment options, and other services that have become the norm. In other words, websites rarely work in isolation. They interact with other sites, applications, and internal CRM systems implemented by the site owner to make information on the site easy to find.

Integration of a website with another service is an automatic data exchange between your website and this service. They allow you to solve internal business problems like stock count based on your online sales, paper work, etc. Even if your business requires unique solutions, you can obtain custom CRM software to match any of your business processes.

Below are the most popular types of integrations that our clients often want to see on their websites, and the business goals they help achieve.

Integrated Payment Gateway
Due to the continuing growth of e-commerce over the past twenty years, payment gateway integration has become one of the most common integrations for e-commerce sites. The e-commerce market in the US is constantly growing. According to the US Department of Commerce, in 2018, consumers spent $513.61 billion on online purchases — a 14.2% increase compared to 2017. If you have decided to sell your products or services online, then you definitely need an integrated payment system.
Email Service Providers
Email campaigns are often used by businesses that sell products and services via their website or actively work with customers online. Every website has contact forms for collecting user data. Email addresses provided by users are placed on email newsletter distribution lists. All user email addresses collected through the contact forms on your site will be transferred to the email service provider and added to your contact list. The main goal of email integration is to simplify the work with user email addresses and make users go back to the site again.
Google Services
Google provides a variety of services that can be built into a website to increase its capabilities. Integration with Google comments helps improve your SEO promotion. Google Calendar is another useful tool that allows you to set up events with clients in the most convenient way, and it also provides an opportunity to register for an event directly on the site.
CRM Integration
CRM integration with website is critical for any business and a properly configured one will increase your sales. The system automates internal business processes, provides data exchange between departments, and reduces paperwork. CRM software is able to collect contact information through forms on the site, easily track client’s actions, and more.
Custom Integration Systems & Software
All businesses have their own unique needs. In order to provide our clients with quality custom integration systems, we conduct thorough research on processes that will integrate into their external systems and applications. By utilizing custom integration systems, your website is more appealing and will stand out from the crowd of competitors.
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