The Best Damn Chicken Fingers

Sticky's is a fast casual restauraunt operation across New York and New Jersey

Sticky’s approached us with the goal of creating a website that not only reflected their bold branding but also stood out in the competitive restaurant market. They needed a custom Google Maps integration to help customers find locations easily through search, state, or current location. Additionally, they wanted users to have quick access to specific restaurant contact information and menu details.

At Epogee Design, we provided a comprehensive suite of services, including information architecture, user experience design, user interface design, wireframes, sitemaps, frontend development, and backend development. A standout feature of the project was a custom backend for easy management of the online menu, optimized for mobile use during the global pandemic. We overcame challenges in integrating Sticky’s bold branding while maintaining website speed, usability, SEO, and conversion rates.

Our work significantly increased Sticky’s visibility on search engines and created a seamless flow into their online ordering system. The bold visual aesthetic and advanced functionalities not only enhanced user engagement but also solidified Sticky’s reputation for delivering exciting customer experiences in-store and online.

Websites can be overwhelming

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