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The most popular open-source Content Management System used by over 75 million businesses, including ours.

A Powerful CRM Solution That Scales

WordPress is the most widely utilized content management system in the world. There’s a reason why, well actually there’s more than we could count. Choosing a WordPress site is the right choice for your business, big or small. Our experienced WordPress developers are second-to-none and have been the trusted advocates for over 100 client websites sites in the last decade. We have tackled projects for small-business all the way to multi-franchise networked systems that power 240+ properties and call-centers – all with WordPress.

From complex, multi-tiered, enterprise-level sites with dynamic database functionality, to informational service websites for your small business, Epogee is your go-to for high-end, professional websites. You will not receive store-bought, out of the box theme from us. As you are shopping around as you consider your next WordPress partner, be sure to scrutinize the integrity of the websites, plugins, themes, and hosting of everyone you speak to – these nuances are the key to your success.

Make sure the back-bone system of your website is solid and powerful. Contact us to learn more about WordPress, even if you just have a question. We would love to help you learn more about what it is, and why it is the right solution for your business.

Theme Development
We start from scratch and make a WordPress theme just for YOU. Streamlined, efficient, and fluid, we develop and program intelligent websites that are optimized to ensure a seamless flow across all screens and devices. From fonts and colors to dropdown menus and sliders all are creating using a combination of HTML, CSS, PHP, and jQuery. This is why we have become the best at these technologies, and do not rely on any out of the box solutions for our clients
Theme Design
You will not receive store-bought, out of the box theme from us. Our creative solutions with clean design make every interaction more meaningful. Our technical know-how, and a keen eye for design, deliver rich digital experiences for your business. We approach every project with a blank slate, and every mark we make with our creative brush is solely focused on the goals and influence of our client. You may have heard of WordPress themes, we don’t use them, we make them, and we make them better than anyone else.
Plugin Development & Integration
Photo galleries, slideshows, parallax animation, user-login systems, e-commerce, we want you to have anything you want. The difference between Epogee is that we are not quick to download and install a plugin that someone else developed, into your site. This is what our competitors do, and this is why their sites are slow and will get hacked by Pakistan twice in one week (ask me about that later). Epogee will hand-craft complex functionality into your WordPress site that is professional, secure, and exceed your expectations.
Page Speed & SEO
If your website takes too long to load, you don’t like it, your viewers don’t like it, and search engines don’t like it. We identify and fix bottlenecks caused by external resource requests, plugins, large images, database errors, and more. Simply put. We can make your website fast, faster than a locomotive, faster than a speeding bullet, but really, just faster than any of your competitors.
Multi-Location Websites
Did you know WordPress is the best solution for handling multi-location businesses such as medical practices, and restaurants? We are experts at large scale enterprise level multi-location websites. Have one centralized website for your corporate information with a list of locations that list to individually controlled websites that either you or franchise owners can edit independently. For more information about multiple location network websites, contact us to discuss your project.
Custom PHP Development
WordPress is written on PHP. Because it is a widely-used open source programming language that is ideal for web development and database integration. Epogee Design is skilled in taking the benefits that come out-of-the-box with WordPress and enhancing them with custom programming. Our in-house programmers are experienced crafting one of a kind complex integrations to streamline your website and data.
Websites can be overwhelming

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